Help Us Grow Spring 2022

Every year, we hold a fundraiser called ‘Help Us Grow.’ This is how we raise the money to fill in gaps between the state, federal and local funding that we receive to make sure we best meet the needs of our children and families while also paying a living wage to our amazing staff. For Spring 2022, our video feature some of our ‘alumni’ (now in grades K-2), that reported back to us on what it is like to be in elementary school and how they are doing now that they are ‘big kids.’ Their parents also shared how the CHILD Center impacted them as they entered elementary school. Please enjoy the video below!

Staff Appreciation

Our teachers and staff are not always eager to have their pictures taken. However, here are a few images that we have collected over the years. We celebrated Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week in early May, acknowledging the amazing job they do every day. We appreciate them, love them, and owe them all a debt of gratitude.

  • CHILD Center staff stand around an orange and blue birthday cake to celebrate the third birthday of the Center
  • A CHILD Center staff member poses with a foot in the air while accepting a food delivery in front of the Center
  • Two staff members smile for the camera while standing together in the CHILD Center kitchen
  • A staff member traces a child's outline as he lays on a large pad of blank paper
  • A CHILD Center staff member accepts a food delivery from a community member
  • Two staff hold posters of the USDA MyPlate and other nutritional recommendations
  • Two CHILD Center teachers dressed as The Incredibles for Halloween
  • Mrs. Kendra holds a cake for her birthday, which we celebrated during Day #2 of the Summer 2021 teacher training
  • CHILD Center staff members stand in a line, all wearing orange tee shirts with the CHILD Center logo and khaki pants or shorts
  • The CHILD Center director sits with another staff member at an outdoor table, both wearing bumble bee antennae

Celebrating Earth Day

Our friends from Gas South came to help our children celebrate Earth Day! They planted flowers, used animal-inspired sensory bins and water tables (newly constructed by Gas South employees), and made shaving cream creations for animals to live in. It was a great end to a busy and fun week.